Reverse Bucket List


Instead of a bucket list I am making a reverse bucket list which is all of the places that I have been to and what I did there.

  1. Florida. We visited Pensacola and we stayed 3 times for vacation. Then we went to Orlando  and we went to Disney world. Next we went to Cocoa Beach and Daytona. (last Blog Post)
  2. Kentucky.  We went to Louisville for my sisters Fine Arts Festival. We visited the Louisville Slugger Factory and Kentucky Kingdom which was a amusement park and water park.
  3. Oklahoma. Oklahoma is where I was born and lived there for three years. My cousins and Aunts also live there.
  4. Colorado. When we went to Colorado we stayed with our friends.
  5. St. Louis, Mo. We have been here many times for surgeries and Dr. appointments for my sister.
  6. Kansas City, Mo. I’ve been here a couple of times for my sister also.
  7. Texas. My Family lives in Texas so we visit sometimes for graduation and other events.
  8. Alabama. When we went to Alabama we visited a museum with people who acted out the past presidents.
  9. Kansas. We stayed at a hotel when we met up with family/friends.
  10. Mississippi. We passed through Mississippi on our way to Florida.
  11. Tennessee. We also passed through Tennessee on our way to Florida.
  12. Branson, Mo. We visit here often for Silver dollar city which is an amusement park with old time shops shows and ride.

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