Favorite Trends


Velvet Clothes


I think that the velvet Shirts and dresses are super cute and even though I don’t own any they are probably one of my favorite trends.



White converse would probably be one of my favorite trends also because they almost go with anything and they are super comfy.

Adidas Superstars

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I love my Adidas Superstars they are super cute and they have different colors other than black and white like gold and white or silver and white.

Matte lips


Bell Sleeves


I don’t have a picture of my shirt with bell sleeves so I am using this one from Lulu’s . I also think that the off the shoulder shirts and dresses are cute. This is also a body suit and that is another trend that I like.

Layered tank over Shirt


I think this trend is really pretty and simple whether it is a T-shirt dress and a silk tank top dress or a regular T-shirt and a silk tank top.

Circle or Cat Eye Sunglasses 

sunglassesI have a pair of ones like these but they are pink and I love them. I also love the cat eye sunglasses. I got the circle sunglasses from Forever 21. 

I have lots of other favorites that will probably be in another blog post but these are some of my favorite trends of 2016 and 2017.