Baby Blue! 

Baby Blue Top / Adidas / Pink purse / Shorts

I love baby blue and any light colors. This weekend we went to Branson and Eureka Springs and we did lots of fun things like Go Karts, we went to downtown Eureka Springs, and we went to Fantastic Caverns which was a ride through cave. It was so pretty. We did a lot more but I will tell about that in a travel blog post. 

I love the off the shoulder tops and blue stripes. I have been looking for an off the shoulder top but I had not seen one in all the stores that I went to. I finally found one that I loved in Dillard’s and I have seen them in lots of stores since then. I have a couple more outfit posts from this weekend and I will try to do more! This day I curled my hair but you can hardly tell because it rained a lot in the morning when we went to Eureka springs. It was also very hot and humid so I ended up curling my hair three times that day.

♥️ Clara