Easter Weekend 

This weekend we went to Branson. On our way up we went to a candy store and Fantastic Caverns. Fantastic Caverns is a ride through cave. It was really cool and pretty. Once we got to Branson we set our luggage in our hotel. We headed to the Branson Landing which has lots of stores, cafes, and places to eat. We ate at Famous Daves which is a place that we eat at almost every time we go to Branson. We went to a couple of shops like Kirklands, Charlotte Russe, and Francesca’s. After that we went to see if any good movies were on at the Movie theaters. We saw Baby Boss and it was so cute! 

On Sunday we drove to Eureka Springs. On our way there it was raining really hard.  We went to  the Jesus statue and it was still raining really hard. We decided we might come back later if it wasn’t raining. We headed to downtown Eureka Springs and before we went to eat we bought some umbrellas. We went to eat at a Mexican restaurant and once we finished it wasn’t raining. There is all kinds of cute shops. There was a haunted hotel that we wanted to check out. We didn’t realize how far away it was. It was also up a really steep hill so it was really hard to get there and it probably would have been easier to drive there. Once we got there we stayed for about ten minutes. It was super creepy but really cool. We walked back and went to an Ice cream shop to get root beer floats. We drove back to the hotel and I went swimming with my sister Eva. Then we went to Olive Garden for dinner. After that we went go kart racing. 

On Monday once we woke up we packed our clothes, ate breakfast and headed home. On our way home we went shopping and went to a restaurant in downtown Lebanon.