Red Ruffles + New beauty trends I love!


Sunglasses // Red Ruffle top // White Converse

Happy Saturday!! Most of my closet consists of Pink, Ruffles, and Floral tops.  I have had these sunglasses for a couple of years but this is my first time wearing them. I have a white pair that I think I wore them day I got them and that is all. I think that I have just never had an outfit that I thought went with it. Also I really love this top that I got from Kohl’s. ( It’s actually on sale right now.) And my white converse…..Most people know where to find these or they have a pair but I added the link for them anyway.

Now for the beauty trends that I like. First of all I really would like to try colored mascara. I have seen it on Instagram a lot and I like it on other girls but I’m not sure if that’s for me 😉 Next is Chrome nails! I think this is super cute. It is kind of like mirror looking nails if you know what I mean. BRAIDS…..  So this one has really been a big thing for a LONG time but I see bloggers doing tons of different braids more and more and I really like it.

♥ Clara