Favorite H&M Outfits Under 50$

                                           Gingham!!                        hmprod         hmprod (1)            hmprod (2)

So first of all, I have changed the way I am doing the links for outfits. Instead of using a boring link I am using pictures that you can click on! I like it a lot more. This dress is so cute and comes in black and pink. I would really buy both. 😉 I also like the sneakers they have paired with it but in the summer I am more of a sandal or flip-flop kind of girl. I have recently really been loving thin framed round sunglasses. I think it is so cute and they are only 7$! 


                                 Cropped Flared Jeans?


hmprod (3)                         hmprod (4)                         hmprod (5)

The bag and Tank are my favorite shade of pink and the bag is on sale for 10$!!! I love the Tank top especially the thin strap bows. I really want a pair of flared jeans. They are so pretty. This outfit would be good for a cooler summer day because if it is 100 degrees then I will not be wearing Jeans even though they are cropped. 😉 


                                     Pleated Skirts


hmprod (6)                     hmprod (7)                          hmprod (8)


First of all, I love Pleated skirts!! Pleated Skirts have so many other tops that they could be paired with but this is my favorite. They are so cute and classy! I especially love it paired with a white tee. And last is the suede shoes which are only 13$. 

♥ Clara