Perfect Winter Outfits

Striped Blouse // Tan Pearl Shoes // Raw Edge Jeans // Pink Sunglasses

Striped tee // Floral Flared Pants // Block Booties // Pink Backpack

New York Sweater // Ankle Strap Sandals // Floral Jeans // Flap Chain Bag 

I have come up with three different outfits that can be worn in winter. I know that I am pushing it with the floral but I just couldn’t not use florals. I really like the Raw Edge Jeans in the first outfit because I get so bored with normal jeans. As you can see I made sure not to have any boring jeans 😉 The block booties are also another one of my favorites because they are so different and cute. My last outfit is super casual and would be perfect for school. In my second outfit, I have flared pants which is a style that I love in shirts and pants. The last item which is the Flap chain bag. I think it is so pretty and its only six dollars! I think all of these are super fun and affordable outfits! 

Happy Wednesday!