Healthy Breakfast Ideas

I am sharing my favorite healthy breakfast ideas today. I love to find new healthy breakfast ideas and try them out.

First is avocado toast. I love to have avocados with grape tomatoes on toast. It is super yummy and not too heavy as a breakfast item.


Next is my protein smoothie which I talked about in my fitness post.


I love to have quaker oats breakfast flats which only some people like but I think they are so good and super quick.

Next is Protein Pancakes. The recipe is super simple, all it contains is

2 eggs

1/3 cups of oats

1 banana

All you have to do is mix these together with an electric mixer and cook them like regular pancakes! To make them taste even better you can add berries inside or on top of the pancakes.


Last is Oatmeal with berries. I make maple and brown sugar oatmeal  ( you can really have any kind. ) and I add mixed berries or raspberries!

That’s all! Thanks for reading!!